I wish to be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes.

One of the podcsts I enjoy most is one by Jamie Ridler called, Creative Living With Jamie Ridler. http://jamieridlerstudios.ca/dream-now   When I listen my creative self jumps up and down yelling, “me too”.  I am inspired to try different modes of expressing and embrace the joy of creativity.  I am inspired by her guests who have made creativity and magic making a way of life.

Every Wednesday Jamie challenges us to cast a specific wish.   I WANT TO BE A MAKER OF MAGIC AND A TENDER OF WISHES.  This weeks challenge was:  How do you wish to nourish your self? 

How do I wish to nourish myself? 

I want to nourish myself with new dreams.  I am at a bit of a stand still in some respects.  I have stopped planning and dreaming about the next phase or place in my life. 

I want to nourish myself by dreaming about where I want to go, what I want to buy, what projects I want to work on and how I want to spend my free time.   I want to dream without the constraints of time, money, family, and others needs and wants.  I want to dream as if everything is possible.  I am reminded of Walt Disney and the way he created projects.  His creative team would dream of what they wanted to do – without any constraints – they did not need to think about the cost, or if it was possible or if others would like it, they were free to dream the moon into their room if they wanted.  I wish to dream like that.  That is my Wednesday’s Wish to be handled with tenderness so that I can nourish the delicate, fragile dreams that will come.

10 thoughts on “I wish to be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes.

  1. “I want to dream as if everything is possible.” – I love this!! Me too!! :-)

    As you wish for yourself I also wish for you.

  2. That spells freedom to me – all those wonderful dreams – I will think of that as I go to sleep tonight !

    as you wish for yourself – so do I wish for you !!

  3. I hope all the dreams that you “dare” to dream come true. One of my favorite quotes is from Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember, all of this started with a mouse!” As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you.

  4. Wow. I feel charmed by all of your respones! May all of your dreams come true. Hugs!

  5. Beautiful! …to dream as Walt Disney and his team dream…As you wish for yourself so I too wish for you as well!