This is life: “A Guesthouse”

4 thoughts on “This is life: “A Guesthouse”

  1. Jennifer, so sorry to hear this news. Thank you for writing about your experiences and sharing your thoughts. There are detours and bends in the road and sometimes no maps for where we’re going. And you’ve demonstrated how to handle the unknowns with compassion and grace. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers

  2. Glad you are okay. Sorry for your loss. Hope you know god loves you and is in charge. I love you,also. Aunt Judy

  3. Jennifer,sorry for your loss. Pray you are okay. I hope you know that not only do I love you but so does your Heavenly Father. He knows you personally and is in charge. Love, Aunt Judy

  4. Sending big ((((HUGS)))) my friend. Went through a loss like this many years ago. It’s never left me. I always wonder who he/she would have been. Alas, an angel is the only answer. Know that you are loved.